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I like Alina a lot. She is kind of the 'anti Evita', in my opinion.

I do need to get going. I am going to post my third exceprt and then brave the Wyoming winter to do some last minute Christmas shopping.


CLEOPATRA UNCONQUERED by Helen R. Davis - Excerpt #3 (This Excerpt is Family Rated)



"Back in my tent, my thoughts turned to my meeting with Caesar when I was a teenager. What did I really know of the ambitious Roman Consul, and, moreover, of the man? I would need to learn more about the man if I were to attempt to bring him to my side, and this I must clearly do. I knew he was a womanizer. This didn't overly concern me; what man was ever faithful? But it could prove helpful. Still, in the end, it was his conquests—the way he acted—publicly and personally—that were of greatest interest to me, and from what I could already tell, he was the right man to help me regain my throne, if I could but win his attention. My discussion with Azor that evening confirmed my suspicions. Caesar would not only be a formidable ally, but, if I could accomplish it, an interesting champion. I dispatched Mardian to Egypt to meet secretly with Olympos and learn more about the situation in Egypt and everything he could about Caesar's purpose now that Pompey was dead."


About this Book:


What if Cleopatra and Antony had triumphed at Actium over Octavian, the first Emperor of Rome? Would our world have been changed? What would the Middle East, Europe, and, by extension, the rest of the world, look like if the course of Western history was determined not by Rome but by Egypt?

CLEOPATRA UNCONQUERED (Savant 2015), the first of three novels in a series, imagines this scenario. Cleopatra, historically the last queen of Egypt, becomes instead the mother of an Egypto-Roman empire, the greatest the world has ever known. Cleopatra, her family, and those dear to her, as well as those not so dear to her, come to life in this richly imagined  alternate history.

Follow Cleopatra's privileged yet troubled childhood as the third daughter of Pharaoh Auletes, a weak-willed man despised by his subjects, other children, and even his wife. Be there as Cleopatra, his favored child and the only one loyal to him, learns at his feet—and from his errors. Determined to keep her nation alive and her people free, Cleopatra, although of Macedonian Greek heritage, develops a deep bond with the native people of Egypt. Meet Julius Caesar, Pompey, Cicero and his son, Cicero Minor, Marc Antony, and the ambitious but despicable Octavian as well as his wife, Livia, who will stop at nothing to destroy Cleopatra and Egypt.

Open the cover and immerse yourself immediately in ancient Egypt through Cleopatra's eyes as you read her personal memoirs, the ones archeologists have yet to discover!


About the Author:


Author Helen Davis has been writing since the age of twenty. An interest in strong women protagonists led her to write and publish EVITA: MY LIFE (Booksurge, 2009), an historical novel about the legendary Evita Peron. Intrigued by the legend of Cleopatra since she was in high school, as EVITA was released, Davis took up pen and began work on another historical novel surrounding this queen who sought to control nations in an era in which women had little power. A polyglot herself, the author, in the course of writing the manuscript, developed a strong personal attraction to this legendary queen, whose only crime, like many other women in history, was to be on the wrong side of history books. While writing the novel, Davis began to wonder how the world might be if Cleopatra and Antony had triumphed at the Battle of Actium. It was out of this question that CLEOPATRA UNCONQUERED (Savant 2015), the first of three books documenting her imagined new world, came to be.



by Helen R. Davis

330 pp - 6" x 9" Softcover Trade Book

ISBN 978-0-9963255-2-3


Available directly from the publisher/printer with FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE WITHIN THE USA INCLUDING ALASKA AND HAWAII from the publisher at


Also available from, Savant Bookstore Honolulu, and fine online and "brick and mortar" bookstores everywhere.


Helen R. Davis Award-winning Author of


     EVITA: MY LIFE (Booksurge 2009)

Author website at


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David- Thank you for asking. My motivations for writing are to return the gift that has so nourished my life. I spent a lot of time reading when I was younger, and virtually living in stories too. Consequently, the events of my life have made stories all the more important to what I believe in, now that I have grown to be an adult. I have long cultivated a burning desire to be an author and live to write, and now that I am on my own, I am very much in fact, writing to live! 

My philosophy is thus: My passion is storytelling, my art is in living, and my best skill is with my pen. In order to contain them all, I have channeled their energy into my work, and thus StoryTeller has come to be. 

Forgive me if I have have only obfuscated the matter lol
scott mastro

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Originally Posted by drjanik
Scott -- where/how did you learn to write plays (and, I would suppose, television scripts, and movie scripts)?


With the desire to write in each form, the stories come in a pre-determined format. They know what they should be, and demand to be written, in that form, then and now.l

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Thanks for sharing from the heart! That's wonderful. And I know that sentiment has made its way onto the page. I'm now even more looking forward to the release of Storyteller!


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Here is one piece of advice from my years in corporate America as an auditor and manager.
Nothing in the cyber world can ever be truly deleted anymore, so be careful that whatever you say online or in print is what you really want to communicate. Also, assume someone will quote you out of context and in a way to harm your reputation. As they used to say on Hill Street Blues, "Be careful out there."
Author Raymond Gaynor

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Aloha Everyone!  Raymond here. I've been talking with A. G. Hayes, who is having problems signing on, and has asked me to post for the two of us regarding QUANTUM DEATH (Savant 2016). Here's my first excerpt:

QUANTUM DEATH by A. G. Hayes with Raymond Gaynor - Excerpt #1 (This Excerpt is Family Rated):


Susan Koski eased out of bed without making a sound. Joseph Falk never moved, the top of his head showing from beneath the covers assured her he was fast asleep. Slowly she crept to the bedroom door, turned the knob...and the bedside phone rang.

Koski immediately recognized the voice of their boss, Tom Stewart, head of Cerberus, America's ultra-secret "off the board" information and action agency.

"[Both of ] you on the line,?" Stewart asked, continuing a moment later, "Good. Now...listen up."

There was a soft click and the tone on the line changed. Both Koski and Falk knew what was coming was top secret. "We have a problem."

Koski looked across the bed, raised her eyebrows and mouthed the words...Happy Birthday.

Koski and Falk come up against what very well may prove to be their most complex and dangerous case yet: The Quantum Death Machine. For the first time, Koski and Falk must separate during a mission. Each faces mortal peril, while, at the same time, their smoldering relationship begins to heat up. The fifth in the riveting Koski and Falk Series by multi-award- winning author A. G. Hayes with Raymond Gaynor, author of TOTAL MELTDOWN (Borgo/ Wildside)

by A. G. Hayes with Raymond Gaynor
344 pp. - 5.25" x 8" SoftcoverPocket Book ISBN 978-0-9963255-3-0

Available directly from the publisher/printer with FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE WITHIN THE USA INCLUDING ALASKA AND HAWAII at

Also available from, Savant Bookstore Honolulu, and fine online/"brick and mortar" bookstores everywhere.

Raymond Gaynor
Co-Author of QUANTUM DEATH (Savant 2016) 


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Dear AG Hayes, this is Octo here in Hades and I keep seeing 2 cats pop and in out of here.
One looks like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland and Fidel says the other belongs to some scientist named Schrodinger.
What the hades is Quantum Mechanics?

Author Raymond Gaynor

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THE TURTLE DANCES by Daniel S. Janik - Excerpt #3 (Family Rated)


"Chapter 13 - The Turtle Dances
   "You know what?" The young man offered, thinking of the two turtles they'd been 
watching. “We danced so well together, I think we might just win!"
   "You know, I think so, too,“ replied his partner. “Thanks to our turtle-friends out there," the two finished together.
   The couple returned, hand-in-hand, to the dance floor to join the line of competitors. Waiting for the judges to announce the awards, the young man turned to his now self- assured partner, touched the tip of her hand softly much the way the turtles had, and smiled. "The turtle dances," he said softly.
   "Yes," she replied, while unseen in the distance, Isla and Surf happily executed a perfect bounce, twirl and slide. "The turtle dances!"

Continuing the unique tradition of "talking up" rather than down to readers, THE TURTLE DANCES demonstrates the power and beauty of narrative storytelling at its finest. Designed to re-awaken curiosity, discovery in both children and adults, the book is an excellent way to introduce literacy and associated lifelong learning pleasures.

Mulit-award-winning author, naturalist, artist, photographer and movie producer Daniel S. Janik resides in Honolulu, Hawaii with his wife and dance partner, Setsuko Tsuchiya. Together they welcome Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles to Hawaii throughout the year. An Oklahoma painter known for her vivid, almost photographic renditions of nature, illustrator Ruth R. Janik created the 28 naturalistic line drawings in the book specifically for children to color.

THE TURTLE DANCES is the third in the Savant "Color-Me-Please" series and the third in the author's "Pacific Rim Naturalist" group of children's books.

THE TURTLE DANCES by Daniel S. Janik
80 pp. 8.25" x 6" Softcover book with 28 B&W "Color-Me-Please" Illustrations
ISBN 978-0-9886640-1-2

Available from the publisher, printer, Savant Bookstore Honolulu,, online bookstores and other fine bookstores everywhere.

Daniel S. Janik Multi-Award-winning author of


A WHALE’S TALE (Savant 2009)


FOOTPRINTS, SMILES AND LITTLE WHITE LIES (Savant 2008) (softcover book) (Kindle eBook)
UNLOCK THE GENIUS WITHIN (Rowman & Littlefield Education, 2005)
HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST ENGLISH LANGUAGE SCHOOL IN THE USA (Authorhouse, 2006) Best-English-Language-School-in-the-USA.aspx

Award-winning poet with works appearing in
VOLUTIONS (Savant 2014)
FIFTY-EIGHT STONES (Savant 2012) (softcover book) (Kindle eBook)
WAVELENGTHS (Savant 2011)
FIRST BREATH (Savant 2010)

Award-winning producer of
"Clean Water, Common Ground" (National Film Network, 1999)

Author website at 

Author Raymond Gaynor

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Aloha Chatters,

We're approaching the last ten minutes of this month's chat. Now is the time to post those final excerpts and say goodbyes. 

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This is Helen's Dad signing off the chat from Casper where it has warmed up from -23 F when we started to a balmy -17 F.
Blessings on everybody's books and sales. One final piece of advice. If you join your local Chamber of Commerce they will usually let you do 1 or 2 mass emails as part of your benefits for joining. So we are going to use that next week for the ebook version of Cleopatra Unconquered the day after an article in the local paper comes out about her on Tuesday of next week.
Author Raymond Gaynor

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What in Hades is Schroedinger's Cat? Good question, and one that I've tried to explore along with quantum mechanics, strangeness, simultaneity and other topics that are addressed to some extent in QUANTUM DEATH (Savant 2016) in my blog at Author Central. Go to, click on my photo (Raymond Gaynor), and look under "Author Updates" for my continuing blog on everything quantum!
Author Raymond Gaynor

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Good Heavens,

Semper fugit and all that! Wishing everyone a very happy holidays with lots of warm fuzzier!
Author Raymond Gaynor

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Best wishes for an extraordinary holiday season! See you all on the Saturday 21 January 2017 chat!

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Well, that's it folks!  I look forward to our next chat on Saturday 21 January 2017. A new year. A new Savant Books and Publications/Aignos Publishing!
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