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Setsuko Tsuchiya

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First, I sent out to introduce to my book by email. Now I am sending to my book out to key people in the dance and somatic therapy fields. 
I finally changed direction to have marketing from USA to Japan. DO you have any suggestions?
日本に販売拠点を移そうかな?とも考えております。Translation: I finally changed direction to have marketing from USA to Japan. 
It works!


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There's nothing like some scientific exploration to make a chat more interesting. It's nice to know that our chat supports multiple languages. 

Here's my second excerpt for A WHALE'S TALE (Savant 2009). Maybe you'll post one of your excerpts from IN SEARCH OF SOMATIC THERAPY (Savant 2017)?

A WHALE'S TALE by Daniel S. Janik - Excerpt #2 (Family Rated)



“Chapter 2 - The Big Top

     I think being born must be quite different for whales than people. You see, when we whales are born, we simply leave the small sea inside our mother for a bigger one on the outside. We don't cry, because, for us, it’s a change we eagerly look forward to, just as you might look forward to going for a walk in a new park, or shopping at a new toy store. On the other hand, there is one really big challenge for us; that’s when we move from the small sea inside our mother to the bigger sea surrounding her. Just like you, from the moment we are born we must breathe air, and, unlike most other sea animals who get their air right from the water, we whales, like you, cannot. For us, you see, breathing is not so easy.

     The hero of my story, a newborn whale, saw the water outside of his mother for the first time one early day in the human month of December. He was excited, and as you might imagine, a little frightened. This whale, like all newborn whales, held his breath, one, two, three, four... eight, nine, ten minutes, while his mother swam supportively beside him, singing, and encouraging him to take his first breath, slowly nudging him up towards the very top of the sea. 

     No, dear reader, our first breath isn't easy…”


What are the book reviewer’s saying?

5 of 5 stars - “immersive...magically mesmerizing” - R. Sharpquill

5 of 5 stars - “Amazing...unique” - W. Peever (author of THE JUMPER CHRONICLES)

5 of 5 stars - “Fascinating” - W. Maltese (author of DARE TO LOVE IN OZ)

5 of 5 stars - “Mythic...archetypal” - O. Stucco (author of MY UNBORN CHILD)


I wrote this book out of love for the gentle creatures that return every year from Alaska to Hawaii.  In the warm tropical waters, they have their babies and train them for the rigors of Alaska, presenting wonderful displays for patient whale-watchers - what we call in Hawaii “local TV.”  A WHALE’S TALE (Savant 2009) is the result of five years of whale observation.  As I write this, the whales are jumping not far from me, showing backs, tails, flukes and otherwise learning the life skills they will use when they return to their feeding grounds in the cold arctic.  

A WHALE'S TALE (Savant 2009)
92 pp.  8.25" x 5" Softcover
20 B&W "Color-Me-Please" Illustrations
ISBN 978-1442-105065

Daniel S. Janik
Multi-award-winning author of
     A WHALE'S TALE (Savant 2009)
         Available from at
     THE TURTLE DANCES (Savant 2013)
         Available from at



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Hey, all!  It's fast getting close to the end of our chat, so now is the time to post any last excerpts and comments!
Setsuko Tsuchiya

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IN SEARCH OF SOMATIC THERAPY by Setsuko Tsuchiya - Excerpt #1 (This Excerpt is Family Rated)


"It may seem obtuse, but dance is probably one of the oldest forms of somatic therapy…Young or old, male or female, everyone dances….[and]dance, specially couple dance, has some particularly interesting attributes:

"It maintains mental acuity and memory.

"It promotes awareness of internal rhythm.

"It encourages good posture and deep breathing.

"It includes human-to-human touch.

"It supports social connectivity.

"It provides a creative outlet.

"It creates a pathway for the expression of joy.

"…it [is]…in addition…language-free."


What is somatic therapy? Is it about somatic therapy (psychological "talk therapy" that surrounds somatic stimulation) or somatic therapy (the somatic stimulation itself)? Do the different forms of somatic experience, e.g. dance, massage, acupuncture, acupressure and biofeedback have anything in common other than afterwards talking about the experience? The author, a competitive DanceSport athlete and registered Hawaii massage therapist documents her journey in search of somatic therapy and the surprises that revealed themselves along the way.

by Setsuko Tsuchiya
218 pp. - 6" x 9" Softcover Trade Book
ISBN/EAN 978-0-9972472-3-7
Suggested Retail Price (SRP) $22.95

Available directly from the Savant Books and Publications Publisher's Store at 10% off the Suggested Retail Price with FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE WITHIN THE USA INCLUDING ALASKA AND HAWAII,, Savant Bookstore Honolulu and fine online/"brick and mortar" bookstores everywhere.

Setsuko Tsuchiya
    Author of IN SEARCH OF SOMATIC THERAPY (Savant 2017)
    Press Release at


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It has been a lovely sojourn into Domina Helen's world. I wish her nothing but good things. She is much favored by her Hebrew God and my Isis likes her as well, although Domina Helen will never admit that. But on this Isis and I know-- Domina Helen will go far. Dr. Mike, I hope next time we speak, in the month named for the Roman god Janus, you will tell me why your daughter is so fascinated by Gaul. The incarnation of Isis and Julius Caesar, Gaul's conquerer, wish to know [wink]

Setsuko, speaking as Helen, what is the market for historical fiction in Japan? Are they much interested in books set outside the country? I am intrigued to do international sales.

Dan, my dad is fixing a lovely holiday lunch so he cannot respond.  But he wishes to say this
"Well, the second scroll mail has just arrived, but I do not think I will have time to translate it."


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CLEOPATRA UNCONQUERED by Helen R. Davis - Excerpt #3 (This Excerpt is Family Rated)




"Back in my tent, my thoughts turned to my meeting with Caesar when I was a teenager. What did I really know of the ambitious Roman Consul, and, moreover, of the man? I would need to learn more about the man if I were to attempt to bring him to my side, and this I must clearly do. I knew he was a womanizer. This didn't overly concern me; what man was ever faithful? But it could prove helpful. Still, in the end, it was his conquests—the way he acted—publicly and personally—that were of greatest interest to me, and from what I could already tell, he was the right man to help me regain my throne, if I could but win his attention. My discussion with Azor that evening confirmed my suspicions. Caesar would not only be a formidable ally, but, if I could accomplish it, an interesting champion. I dispatched Mardian to Egypt to meet secretly with Olympos and learn more about the situation in Egypt and everything he could about Caesar's purpose now that Pompey was dead."


About this Book:


What if Cleopatra and Antony had triumphed at Actium over Octavian, the first Emperor of Rome? Would our world have been changed? What would the Middle East, Europe, and, by extension, the rest of the world, look like if the course of Western history was determined not by Rome but by Egypt?

CLEOPATRA UNCONQUERED (Savant 2015), the first of three novels in a series, imagines this scenario. Cleopatra, historically the last queen of Egypt, becomes instead the mother of an Egypto-Roman empire, the greatest the world has ever known. Cleopatra, her family, and those dear to her, as well as those not so dear to her, come to life in this richly imagined alternate history.

Follow Cleopatra's privileged yet troubled childhood as the third daughter of Pharaoh Auletes, a weak-willed man despised by his subjects, other children, and even his wife. Be there as Cleopatra, his favored child and the only one loyal to him, learns at his feet—and from his errors. Determined to keep her nation alive and her people free, Cleopatra, although of Macedonian Greek heritage, develops a deep bond with the native people of Egypt. Meet Julius Caesar, Pompey, Cicero and his son, Cicero Minor, Marc Antony, and the ambitious but despicable Octavian as well as his wife, Livia, who will stop at nothing to destroy Cleopatra and Egypt.

Open the cover and immerse yourself immediately in ancient Egypt through Cleopatra's eyes as you read her personal memoirs, the ones archeologists have yet to discover!


About the Author:


Author Helen Davis has been writing since the age of twenty. An interest in strong women protagonists led her to write and publish EVITA: MY LIFE (Booksurge, 2009), an historical novel about the legendary Evita Peron. Intrigued by the legend of Cleopatra since she was in high school, as EVITA was released, Davis took up pen and began work on another historical novel surrounding this queen who sought to control nations in an era in which women had little power. A polyglot herself, the author, in the course of writing the manuscript, developed a strong personal attraction to this legendary queen, whose only crime, like many other women in history, was to be on the wrong side of history books. While writing the novel, Davis began to wonder how the world might be if Cleopatra and Antony had triumphed at the Battle of Actium. It was out of this question that CLEOPATRA UNCONQUERED (Savant 2015), the first of three books documenting her imagined new world, came to be.



by Helen R. Davis

330 pp - 6" x 9" Softcover Trade Book

ISBN 978-0-9963255-2-3


Available directly from the publisher/printer with FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE WITHIN THE USA INCLUDING ALASKA AND HAWAII from the publisher at


Also available from, Savant Bookstore Honolulu, and fine online and "brick and mortar" bookstores everywhere.


Helen R. Davis Award-winning Author of


EVITA: MY ARGENTINA (Custom Books 2017)

Author website at


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Setsuko, how can I reach you?

Ah, the gift of tongues. A gift Domina Helen and Cleopatra have been bestowed with richly!
Setsuko Tsuchiya

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Aloha Dan! Yes, I am willing to check your book of the chronological time. I have a friend from Japan who is a teacher, and knows about history in Japan. She will visit to Hawaii next week so I am able to ask her about your book.

Happy Holidays!



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Well, it's been a shorter chat than usual (my bad!) but certainly an interesting one, with Dr. Michael Davis, our Director of Publicity and Marketing; Helen R. Davis, author of CLEOPATRA UNCONQUERED (Savant 2015); Setsuko Tsuchiya, author of IN SEARCH OF SOMATIC THERAPY (Savant 2017), and myself, Daniel S. Janik, author of A WHALE'S TALE (Savant 2009) and THE TURTLE DANCES (Savant 2013). 

Join our next monthly chat on Saturday, 20 January 2018 from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Hawaii Standard Time!

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and a Great New Year. 
Setsuko Tsuchiya

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Helen, please ask Dan for my contact information.
I would like to talk to you (in Japanese, Ha,ha[smile])
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